“Indeed, the new Aparthotel at the center of Athens, has a strong concept that underlines the details and gives life once again to the tallest building at the Commercial Triangle. The most interesting, of course, and what makes The Pinnacle different is that it remains an on-going project as new Items are added to the Suites and the public areas every day!”

“Fresh, shiny and definitely different, The Pinnacle Athens arrives to make us forget the copy-paste ordinary hotel rooms and to initiate us to the bespoke luxury of sixteen uniquely designed -in the style of eclecticism- Suites! In the Roof Garden of the new Aparthotel, a unique 360-degree view that includes the Acropolis, Plaka, Lycabettus Hill up to Piraeus Port, waits for the visitor to enjoy it ”

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“Every Suite has unique aesthetics with different wallpapers, decoration, furniture, lighting and fabrics...however the result is extremely harmonious”

“...the over-sized, from the floor to the ceiling, window openings allow the guest of every Suite to enjoy the unobstructed urban landscape view bathed in the unique Greek Light “

“Wooden shoe lasts, antique hats, handmade embroidery, old keys, porcelain plates, thimbles, old frames. Each of the sixteen Suites of The Pinnacle in the heart of Athens attempts in a hint a reference to the commercial activity that has characterized the wider neighborhood since the early 20th century and which has significantly shaped the profile of the entire Historic Center. Apart from its height, since it is the tallest building in the Commercial Triangle, it stands out for the thousands of metallic plates that adorn its facade”

“Bespoke furniture in gold, silver and palette colors, velvet curtains, wooden floors and vintage wallpapers create a unique scenery of comfort and urban luxury! Old engravings, oil paintings, porcelain floral amphorae, unique sculptures, portraits and contemporary photographic works, compose a special collage”

“The new hip Aparthotel revives the mini historic skyscraper at the apex of the Athens historic center, functioning like a modern urban apartment in the eclectic style."

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