At the lobby of our Athenian Skyscraper, our Maison de Curiosités, a special gift shop, awaits to be discovered filled with curiosities, small antiques, art pieces, books, scented candles, decorative ornaments, and many unique shopping and gift ideas. A cozy environment with a selection of exclusive handmade jewelry and leather goods that offers to our guests a magical experience and an opportunity to take back home a piece of The Pinnacle Athens!
the manner of giving… is worth more than the gift
Love the hunt and enjoy the find!
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Welcome to The Pinnacle Athens!

Cleanliness & Hygiene has always been of paramount importance for our Team!

Now, we have implemented additional measures and special hygiene protocols in accordance to the Government’s guidelines that meet the latest standards on sanitization.

Our sole purpose is to ensure the safety of our guests and team members and offer you a stress-free vacation!

Visit our Special Covid-19 Update section HERE to learn more about the hygiene measures we have undertaken!

Looking forward to welcoming you in Athens,

The Pinnacle Athens Team