Designed in the late 70s by the prominent architect Varagis in the style of Athenian Modernism, The Pinnacle Athens is the tallest building at the Commercial Triangle, with a unique façade covered with more than 3500 metallic tiles, resembling a mini New York style skyscraper and an extraordinary 360 degrees view of Athens.
It operated as one of the first shopping malls in Athens under the brand name “Mauros”, a true landmark in the neighborhood mainly due to its height and architecture and harmoniously coexisted with traditional and neoclassical buildings of the Triangle.
Abandoned due to the economic crisis and at the end left idle, remained closed and unwanted for more than 10 years.


Although the shadows of decay were apparent, this Athenian skyscraper stood majestically and imperious, waiting for its renaissance!

An ambitious complete renovation project took place in order to preserve the original style and architecture of the building but at the same time give a breath of fresh air and create something unique in the style of Urban Eclecticism.


The transformation of the neglected shopping mall into a Luxury, Fresh, Elegant and Bespoke complex of Suites that would enable its visitors from all over the world to experience living into a “classic with a twist” skyscraper at the Heart of Athens.

A venue that would combine the historicity of the building with a fresh and elegant decoration. 16 Unique and Spacious Suites which marry charming old-world elegance with state-of-the-art facilities.

Every Suite has a living room, a decorative fireplace, a dining area, one or two master bedrooms, an office and boudoir, while the big floor-to-ceiling windows allow the visitor to enjoy the Athenian light and an unobstructed urban view.


Bespoke furniture, gold and silver details, soft colors, velvet curtains, wooden floors and vintage wallpapers compose a scenery of comfort and urban luxury.
English teapots, porcelain plates, toile de jouy fabrics, old keys and hats along with many paintings and gravures, were chosen one by one by antique shops and bazaars to give a familiar and welcoming character in every Suite.


Since eclectic design is never enough, The Pinnacle Athens is an on-going project!
As a part of our daily ritual, fresh flowers, new paintings, cooperation with greek artists and fashion designers, treasure hunting in bazaars, are all combined to re-fresh our Suites and public areas so our guests are never bored but on the contrary discover something new every time they choose to visit us!

Designed as a special place for special guests!
Thus…you too are cordially welcomed to The Pinnacle Athens world!